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To recognize and realize the full range of civil, cultural, social, legal, political and economic rights of all children, especially the most vulnerable, deprived, exploited and the marginalized, by creating an enabling and protective environment with equity and gender sensitivity.


The mission of the Directorate is to:• Act as a resource centre on child rights by investing in knowledge creation, updation and dissemination.
Be the custodian of child rights and strengthen governance for children.


The Directorate of Child Rights bears the following mandate –
Custodian of Child Rights
• Function as the nodal department for implementation of the National Policy for Children, 2013, Rajasthan State Child Policy, 2008, Rajasthan State Policy for Girl Child, 2013 and other ...


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DCR Schemes

The ICPS focuses its activities on children in need of care and protection, and juveniles in conflict with law and those children in contact with the law. The ICPS also provides preventive, statutory and care and rehabilitation services to any other vulnerable child including, but not limited, to: children of potentially vulnerable families and families...

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